How apply for a membership

  1. Go to the ” Apply for membership “
  2. Enter your details
  3. Click “Complete”
  4. You will be redirected to the payment page, there click the button “Pay a fee”


How to pay for participation in the event

  1. Go to the section “Projects”
  2. Select the section “Round Table”
  3. Enter your details and click “Register for an event”
  4. You will be redirected to the payment page, there click on the button “Pay for the event”


On our site you can pay

  1. The entrance fee of 0.5 base value. The total cost of the entry fee is 12.25 rubles. on 01.09.2018
  2. Participation in events held by the Society. The next event is a round table. The cost of participation to be confirmed.

Also, if desired, you can provide sponsorship support to our organization.


Payment through WEBPAY

The secure WEBPAY server establishes an encrypted connection using a secure TLS protocol and confidentially receives from the client the data of his payment card (card number, holder’s name, expiration date, and control number of a bank card CVC / CVC2).

After making a payment using a bank card, it is necessary to save the received card checks (payment confirmations) for verification with an extract from the card account (in order to confirm the performed transactions in case of a dispute).

In case you have not received the order (the service is not rendered), you need to contact (technical support) by phones +375 17 396-40-03, +375 17 388-09-40 or by e-mail: Managers will advise you.

When paying with a bank payment card, a refund is made to the card from which payment was made.


Payment through ERIP

You can make a payment in any bank:

  • Internet banking,
  • mobile banking,
  • infokiosk,
  • ATM,
  • checkout, etc.

 You can make a payment using:

  • cash,
  • any electronic money
  • bank payment cards



  1. Select

Item “System” Calculation “(ERIP)”

Online stores / services

A-Z Latin domains


  1. To pay for “Services” enter the Order Number
  2. Enter the payment amount (if not specified)
  3. Check the correctness of information
  4. Make a payment

If you are making a payment at the bank’s cash office, please inform the cashier about the need to make a payment through the “Calculation” system (ERIP).