Our goals Our activity
Development of educational activities in the field of accounting and auditing;

Assistance to members of the association in the implementation of professional activities

Providing advice and assistance to members on issues of vocational orientation, employment, improvement of their professional level;

Development and implementation of professional ethics norms based on high international standards among the members of the Association;

Promotion of research in the field of accounting, economic analysis, correlation of these areas of science and practice;

Introduction of international financial reporting standards, the development of relations and mutually beneficial cooperation with international organizations in the field of accounting and auditing.

“Translating” from the language of the official document, the primary goal is to unite accountants, to promote their professional status and level of self-esteem.

Moreover, when we talk about an accountant, we also refer to people with other related professions and profiles that are close in content: after all, according to the Charter, an association provides membership not for organizations, but for individuals, and integrates not only accountants, but also auditors, economists, scientific and teachers of relevant profiles, and other people who implement their knowledge and skills and see their interests in the areas of improving and developing accounting, auditing and the economy as a whole.

We are an open platform for mutual enrichment of knowledge, skills, experience, thoughts, while seeing an accountant and economist as a professional and at the same time as a simple person.